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Life in quarantine has affected millions of lives worldwide. Not only has it created disruption on all aspects of our daily activities, but it also has become a perfect period of putting on some pounds! While there are several activities you can do while in the confines of your home, some individuals leave out exercise and other healthy habits.

The stress that you experience during quarantine may have demotivated you, gave you anxiety, and drained you of energy, making you unproductive. These are all caused by the sense of uncertainty and the lack of social interaction that most of us actually need.

Due to these reasons, several individuals most likely develop unhealthy eating habits. This can be detrimental in the long run. Binge-eating during quarantine, combined with an inactive lifestyle will surely end up in you gaining excess weight. 

As nations around the world come to terms with the new normal, with several businesses making a return, it can be finally time to step outside. However, you may have lost your confidence and self-esteem with the stress you have just been through. Don’t worry! Our professional aesthetics experts at Medicci Aesthetics are here to help you regain that confidence in our post-quarantine world!

Develop A More Active Lifestyle

Change starts within you. There is no better person that can keep you motivated and hold you accountable but yourself. Now that your self-isolation is over, and going out in public has become possible (while observing social distancing of course), it’s time for you to gradually develop a more active lifestyle.  

Step outside for a walk or a jog. Create a regular morning routine that involves exercise. This way, you’ll slowly get used to it. Integrating exercise into your lifestyle can have several benefits including a better metabolism. 

Ditch The Bad Eating Habits 

Science proves that in losing weight, it is a 70-30 formula. This means 30 percent exercise and 70 percent diet. Without a proper diet, the calories you burn during exercise won’t matter. While exercising can guarantee a healthier body, without a structured diet, don’t expect to lose a few inches off your waist.

Start by progressively eliminating the unhealthy foods you have been consuming during the quarantine. It’s time to ditch the junk food and other foods with a lot of sodium as these will not only add some pounds to your weight but also affect your health. 

Feel More Confident With Aesthetic Procedures

Having a little leverage to boost your confidence would never hurt. Professional aesthetics procedures give your self-esteem a small push by non-invasive, and pain-free treatments. There are several treatments to choose from depending on your needs.

Aesthetic clinics provide a variety of non-surgical procedures such as body contouring that targets several areas of the body at once. Not only does body contouring help you lose unwanted fat, but you can also add volume to other parts of your body. The results are instant and there are only minimal complications and risks such as slight bruising and swelling in the injected areas. 

Body contouring involves harvesting fat from a specific area of the body and grafting it at the desired location. Fat is combined with PRP or platelet-rich plasma to produce the best results. 

Additionally, jawline slimming and dermal fillers are also available which you can combine with facial treatments to give you a rejuvenated glow. 

If you wish to learn more about body contouring and other aesthetic procedures to help you build your confidence post-quarantine, don’t hesitate to visit us at our Medicci Aesthetics clinic in Marylebone, London. 

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