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Fillers have revolutionized the dermatological and aesthetics industry ever since its early application. It has come a long way from paraffin injections, silicone, bovine collagen, hyaluronic fillers to fat grafting. 

All these procedures are done to enhance an individual’s features, improve volume on specific areas like the lips, emphasize the cheekbones, alter the nose’s shape, and smooth out wrinkles. Overall, dermal fillers restore the look of youthfulness and help individuals with their confidence. 

An aesthetic clinic can offer individuals with different fillers on a variety of treatments to enhance the look and feel of the body.  Apart from this, fat harvesting-grafting is rising in popularity. Today, we will be discussing different fillers and the application of fat harvesting- grafting in aesthetic procedures. 

Dermal Fillers Vs. Fat Harvesting-Grafting

While both procedures are effective in providing the needed plumpness on a specific part of the body, the contrasting difference between the two actually lies on the patient. 

Fat grafting, as its name implies, involves harvesting fat from a part of the patient’s body and using it as a filler.

This method works best if the patient has excess body fat in the body; otherwise, other dermal fillers will work just as perfectly. However, there are some specific procedures in which fat harvesting and fat grafting work best – such as with the Brazilian butt lift. 

Dermal fillers are made inside a laboratory, sold commercially, and sold to licensed dermatological and aesthetic clinics. These dermal fillers are made with normal tissue components that can also be found in the human body – such as the case of hyaluronic acid. Because hyaluronic acid is also present in the body, fillers can be considered safe and can naturally be absorbed by the body. 

Application Of Dermal Fillers And Fat Grafting 

Dermal fillers can be used for a multitude of treatments including lip augmentation, cheek volumization or contouring, marionette and nasolabial line filling, chin, and jawline sculpting. In addition, fillers are also ideal for non-surgical rhinoplasty, they eliminate dark and droopy circles under the eyes, and Profhilo® for example smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines overall your face. 

Grafting can work best with a procedure called Brazilian butt lift. Although a surgical option is available in the form of butt implants, individuals looking to have a booty boost can opt for a non-surgical bum lift using a minimally invasive filler called Genefill.

How is Fat Grafting Done?

Fat is harvested from an individual body area of choice. It could be taken from the arms, the thighs, or the abdomen. It is then grafted and used to fill a specific area that the individual wants to improve in appearance. 

Fat is a natural and long-lasting filler. Several Aesthetic clinics use this to fill the face or any part that needs the extra volume by applying the newest technology involving nano-grafting and PRP or protein-rich plasma. The harvested fat is mixed with PRP to enhance its properties. Nano-grafting involves emulsifying fat into smaller particles which can then be injected like any normal filler.  

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