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Weight gain is completely normal during pregnancy. Most mothers gain somewhere between 11 to 16 kilograms. Of course, there are also factors worth considering such as the pre-pregnancy weight. This implies that if a mother is underweight before pregnancy, she should gain a little more. In contrast, overweight women are advised to gain a little less weight. 

Putting on the right amount of weight is important to keep a healthy pregnancy. Eating nutritious food is important not just for your health but for the baby too. Ideally, after pregnancy, mothers lose their excess weight within six weeks after giving birth and will continue to do so in the months to follow. There are studies as well that show breastfeeding mothers tend to lose weight considerably more than mothers who don’t. 

Post-Partum Weight Gain And Retention 

However, there are mothers who, unfortunately, experience postpartum weight gain and retention. This phenomenon is normal in most cases and there are different factors that influence it. Similarly, there are several aesthetic procedures that can help postpartum mothers shed excess weight and bring back their confidence.

Yes, it isn’t just you, 13 to 20 percent of mothers are experiencing the same circumstance. The way you address is what makes a difference. Exercising and consuming the right amount of calories is key to get rid of stubborn weight. Weight loss treatments at an aesthetics clinic can work too. 

Why You’re Not Losing Weight 

There are plenty of things that can influence your postpartum weight loss. Stress factors can affect your hormones that will promote weight gain. Thyroid problems are usually common for women during and after pregnancy, and these may lead to them gaining a few more pounds. 

Not eating enough is also one cause why mothers do not lose their weight postpartum. Eating less does not automatically mean you will be losing weight. It may actually even lead to excess weight gain as not eating may slow down your metabolism. The body begins to store fat the moment you do not eat enough food. The key here is portion control. 

Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Losing weight after pregnancy may become especially challenging for women who give birth at a later stage of their lives. The metabolism is slower and it becomes difficult to shed weight. Keeping an active lifestyle can contribute to losing weight, which takes time and discipline. When you do not have the time to squeeze in a workout in between your schedule, procedures done at aesthetic clinics are a great help. 

Non-surgical treatments such as fat harvesting + grafting are becoming popular for women and postpartum mothers who desire to lose weight instantly. Body contouring is also a well sought-after procedure that is mostly performed at aesthetic clinics. 

Bring Back Your Confidence With Medicci

At Medicci Aesthetics, we belong to a number of beauty clinics in The UK who pioneered body contouring technology that’s effective, quick, and has a significantly low risk and fewer complications. To get to know more about this amazing procedure, you can visit our clinic at Marylebone London, and talk to one of our aesthetic experts. Bring back your confidence with us at Medicci Aesthetics!

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