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Fat has gained a bad reputation over the years. It is linked to several illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and obesity. While this is true, fat also serves an essential function for the body—fat acts as a storage for energy. There are also fat-soluble vitamins that the body needs, including vitamins K, A, E, and D. By completely cutting out fat in our diet, we may be at risk of having vitamin deficiencies. Besides, fat provides insulation and shock absorption, protecting our bones and muscles from physical trauma.

The Problem With Fat

However, just like everything else, too much of anything is harmful to our health, and fat is no exception. People who are on the heavier side may be obese or overweight. With proper exercise and a healthy diet, individuals can get rid of excess fat and lead a well-balanced life. 

Unfortunately, as we grow old, shedding the extra pounds can be challenging. Ageing slows down metabolism, which makes it more difficult to lose weight. In addition, there are hormone imbalances that can influence our appetite and our overall diet. 

Thankfully, diet, exercise programs, and different weight loss products help burn off stubborn fat. To people who are looking for immediate but safe results, an aesthetic clinic can provide liposuction and fat grafting to help contour the body, assisting individuals to achieve curves in all the right places. 

What Is Fat Grafting?

The process of fat grafting involves liposuction of fat from areas with an excessive amount of it – such as the abdomen, love handles, legs, and arms. It all depends on the patient’s preferences. The extracted fat is then mixed with platelet-rich-plasma or PRP, also taken from the patient’s body. After this, it is used as a natural filler to be injected at the parts of the body that need volumes such as breasts and the buttocks, and also the face.  

Achieve Your Dream Body With Fat Grafting 

There are multiple applications of fat grafting not just in plastic surgery but for other medical purposes as well. These can include reconstructive surgery and management of soft-tissue trauma. In addition, fat grafting can help you achieve your dream body in the following ways:

Long-lasting Results

The results of fat grafting last longer than commercially produced injectables. It is also the most natural and safe alternative to chemical dermal fillers. Fat grafting is a cost-effective way of obtaining a well-shaped body as it saves you several trips to your aesthetic clinic. 

It’s Non-Surgical and Minimally Invasive

At Medicci Aesthetics, we use nano-grafting and PRP that provides less risk and minimal downtime. The results are instant, and the procedure is suitable for most patients regardless if they have undergone other cosmetic procedures before fat grafting. 

Safe From Allergic Reactions

Finally, since the procedure makes use of your natural fat mixed with PRP (to make it long-lasting), The chances of allergic reactions from chemicals are drastically reduced. Using naturally occurring substances in the body makes it safe and unlikely to irritate.

Get your dream body today by visiting us at Medicii Aesthetics. Our experts will be glad to help you out on your journey to a body you can be proud of and feel happy in.  

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