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Beauty regimens aren’t only for women. Men too, more and more take extensive care of themselves. Like women, men can also lose their confidence when they do not feel comfortable in their skin – they are affected by body issues just as much as their counterparts. However, only a few men are willing to visit an aesthetic clinic on matters of improving their appearance. 

Makeup, skincare routines, and aesthetic procedures have always been associated with women and seen as entirely far off from masculinity. Although not wholly destigmatized, men are slowly embracing skincare routines, cosmetic treatments, and even makeup. 

Male beauty standards have changed over the years as we have seen the rise in trend of men who were especially particular with their grooming and how they look. The term metrosexuality describes this trend. Fast forward to today, even more men are paying attention to how they dress and look. 

The Age Of Social Media

Social media has been a significant influence in changing the perception of people towards male beauty standards. Several male celebrities and influencers are actively promoting products that are otherwise predominantly associated with women decades back. 

We have also seen how social media’s inclusivity has become a driving force in advocating the ostensibly challenged male grooming market. The popularity of selfies and the need to want to look perfect on social media has made male grooming and aesthetic procedures break into mainstream media, making it commonplace.

Selfcare Revolution

For the past decade, we have seen convenient 3-in-1 products targeted at men. These can be from a shampoo conditioner body wash to an antiperspirant deodorant body spray product. Consumer trends in personal care have enabled men to realise their own needs and seek out products that work for them. 

To the extent that today, you can hardly find 3-in-1 products anymore as a wide range of men’s beauty care is available, depending on an individual’s specific preferences such as skin type. This broad range of personal care solutions in return enabled even more men to purchase specific products to create a personalized self-care routine. 

Grooming themselves, taking care of body, skin, and hair has already gone far beyond just looking good, but feeling good and confident about themselves. A new self-awareness that supports their confidence in being good husbands, fathers, employees, and of course leaders has established.

Deviating Away From Rigid Gender Roles

When we speak of inclusivity in the beauty industry, men have had a share of criticism from their fellow peers, especially when it comes to being meticulous about grooming. After all, the traditional concept of masculinity does not entail the need to have a rigorous self-care routine. However, the male beauty industry has become successful in breaking into this rigid gender role when it comes to personal care and grooming. 

Aesthetic clinics have also become more inclusive in accepting male customers, often having specialized treatments specifically for men. Male beauty salons are becoming popular as well, often leading traditional barbershops to embrace other services such as facials and conventional spa treatments. Men have been gradually accepting aesthetic procedures such as plastic surgery, which presents a significant opportunity in the male beauty industry market. 

Beauty has transcended beyond just looking good but actually taking care of oneself and becoming comfortable in one’s skin. The male beauty industry is beyond willing to head in the same direction.

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