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Until the conception of thread lifts, the only way to reduce the signs of aging and facial skin laxity or sagginess is going under the scalpel. This procedure is known as facelift surgery.

Medically referred to as Rhytidectomy, a facelift surgery involves pulling back a flap of skin on each side of the face. Excess skin is also surgically removed to help contour the face’s shape and make it appear youthful. Platysmaplasty or a neck lift can also be done together with facelift surgery for better results.

Facelift surgery gave instant results that would otherwise take longer compared to topical solutions. While dermal fillers and botox are also available, surgery seemed the only and best way to address sagging facial skin. However, not everyone is willing to go under the knife-enter Face Thread lift.

What is Face Thread Lift?

Face Thread Lift became an answer for individuals who wanted faster results than non-invasive facial rejuvenation without the risks associated with facelift surgery. In this procedure, temporary sutures are applied to the skin and are lifted or pulled back and tightened to achieve a youthful appearance.

Thread lifts are minimally invasive and low-risk. Specialists claim that there is little to no bruising, discomfort, scarring, bleeding, or any other serious side effects or complications associated with the treatment. These threads can also be used in different body areas, including the neck and cleavage area.

At Medicci Aesthetics, PDO or Polydioxanone threads are used in thread lift treatments. These medical-grade threads are thinner than hair. Several research pieces have supported PDO as effective in stimulating the blood flow on tendons and muscles while relaxing it. This further encourages the production of collagen in the skin, called neocollagenesis. 

How Long Does A Procedure Take?

The treatment is done on an average of 45 minutes to an hour, and recovery time can take up to two days at the most.  Most patients usually go back to their daily activities after the procedure. The key is to find a trusted aesthetic clinic that can help you in every step of the way, from consultation, the actual treatment, and aftercare.

How Effective Are Thread lifts?

Thread lifts effectively lift the eyebrows, reduce crow’s feet around the eyes, lift sagging cheeks, eliminate marionette lines, tighten the face, and reduce the appearance of necklines. These effects can last up to 3 years as the threads gradually dissolve over time. As one of the most- advanced and innovative aesthetic procedures, it is safe and has minimal downtime and offers instant results. You can step out of the aesthetic clinic looking and feeling younger than before.

Preparing For The Procedure

The first step is to find a reputed aesthetic clinic that you can trust. After booking a consultation, the specialist will provide you with a few guidelines that you must follow before the thread lift treatment.  It is also essential to inform your aesthetician about any present medical conditions or prescriptions.  It is advised to take a rest and avoid stress at least the day before your treatment and avoid consuming food that can worsen inflammation such as sweetened beverages and fried foods.

Communication is vital for any aesthetic procedure, so make sure to talk to your specialist.  For more information on PDO thread lifts, you can book a consultation with us at Medicci Aesthetics.

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