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Lip augmentation procedures are done to achieve a fuller, plumper lips. These are usually done by injecting fillers made of hyaluronic acid. Lip augmentation can also be achieved other than using dermal fillers, as in the case of lip botox. 

In general, lip augmentation is a non-invasive and safe aesthetic procedure that takes only a few minutes. Since dermal fillers are absorbed in the body, lip augmentation does not have permanent effects. Hence, for individuals to maintain their desired lips, regular injections are needed. 

It is perfectly normal to experience swelling and tenderness in the site of injection- especially after the procedure; slight bruising may also occur. These side effects are likely to fade in time with the right aftercare. Managing the first few days after the procedure is easy, just follow these tips provided by our beauty experts at Medicci Aesthetics.

  1. Avoid Any Exercise Or Strenuous Exercise Over The Next 2 Days

Immediately after getting your lips treated, wait for 24 to 48 hours before you engage in activities that increase your blood pressure. This is to avoid worsening your bruising and swelling. Only conduct light exercise if your doctor permits.

  1. Stay Hydrated

To help your body heal faster and for the swelling and bruising to subside, drink plenty of water. At least 2 to 3 liters of water a day, every day. 

  1. Ice Can Ease The Bruising And Itchiness

Place ice cubes on a cloth and apply it directly to your lips for relieving itchiness, bruising, and swelling. Before your appointment, get a cold compress prepared to be available straight away once you get home from your treatment. 

  1. Eat Healthy To Help Speed Up Your Healing Process

To help you further in the healing process, instill a diet that contains meals rich in vitamins and minerals. Foods abundant in protein, vitamin C, Calcium, and Vitamin D are excellent in helping you recover after your lip augmentation. 

  1. Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Make sure to listen to the instructions given to you by your physician after visiting the aesthetic clinic. If you receive any prescriptions, be sure to follow it to avoid any complications after your treatment.  It may be uncommon, but some physicians will ask you to massage your lip area at a given time. 

  1. Hold Your Travel Plans For The Next Two Weeks

Planning is essential when getting lip augmentation or any other aesthetic procedure. If you have travel plans with your partner or your friends, make sure to do your treatment at least 3 or 4 weeks prior- especially when traveling overseas. The cabin pressure inside airplanes may affect the swelling of your lips. 

  1. Learn To Recognize The Warning Signs

Just like any other aesthetic treatments, all procedures come with risk. Lip augmentation is a generally safe procedure, and complications are unlikely. However, when you experience persistent bruising, swelling, pain, and hotness in the area, it is best to immediately check with your doctor. 

Final Words

Aftercare for any type of aesthetic procedure should be taken seriously. Having proper aftercare will ensure the best results for your treatment. If you’re interested in lip augmentation of any other aesthetic treatments, you can consult with our Medicci Aesthetics experts today. 

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