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You may have noticed many times that you have difficulty breathing properly or perhaps you injured your nose in an accident, and it has never been the same since then. Moreover, maybe you are simply not satisfied with how your appearance looks and want to change it as soon as possible.

Rhinoplasty is considered by many to be the solution to these problems. Many people turn to this procedure when they have decided for sure that they need a change in their appearance.

Non-Surgical VS Surgical Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that involves modifying the shape of your nose through adjustments in the nose or the cartilage. It is one of the most widely performed procedures of plastic surgery.

On the other hand, Non-surgical Rhinoplasty, also known as liquid rhinoplasty or non-invasive rhinoplasty, is the quickest and easiest way to fix your nose without going through any complicated steps.

It is an effective transformation that only takes up to 15 minutes and delivers excellent results. Meanwhile, surgical rhinoplasty gives permanent results, but the procedure itself takes time since surgery will be performed on you, so it is a serious decision to make.

Benefits Of Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is loved by many due to the fact that it has a lot of benefits on the side. The non-surgical kind provides much more control to the patients so they can observe their nose while the Liquid Rhinoplasty is administered to them. Liquid rhinoplasty is also reversible as opposed to the surgical alternative. As a result, you can go back and alter the results again any time you want with fewer consequences.

How Do You Know If You Need Rhinoplasty?

If you ever wonder how you can tell that you need rhinoplasty for medical reasons, then you can look at the following symptoms:

  • Irregular breathing.
  • If your glasses slide down your nose very often and it becomes irritable.
  • If you are becoming dissatisfied with your appearance, then these are all the reasons why you should consider rhinoplasty.

Things You Should Know Before Getting Rhinoplasty

The first thing on your rhinoplasty itinerary should be to visit a professional aesthetic clinic so that the surgeons can determine whether the prospect of rhinoplasty is suitable for you or not.

If your medical history allows it, then rhinoplasty is definitely the way to go which is why it is important to consult a doctor before considering the treatment as it can either go very well or terribly for you. If you are a hemophilia patient or someone who has a high chance of bleeding severely from a minor injury, then you will be advised against any kind of surgery.

Non-Surgical Aftercare & Recovery time

Consult your doctor about the different things you can do to take care of the inflammation around the part where the liquid is injected. It is recommended to completely avoid touching the swollen area for the next few hours until it subsides.

Recovering from non-surgical rhinoplasty is, thankfully, not a big hassle. It takes very little time to recover from it as long as you avoid touching that area unnecessarily for a few weeks. Massaging the injected area, whenever applicable, will work wonders for you as well.

Our surgeons are top professionals in their fields and you can get excellent non-surgical rhinoplasty treatments anytime at a professional aesthetics clinic like Medicci Aesthetics.

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