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Obesity is a problem that affects many people worldwide. It can have severe consequences on a person’s lifestyle and mental and physical wellbeing. The prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea increases when a person is obese, and it can cause a significant risk to their life. However, losing weight is not a swift process and can take considerable time and effort. Therefore, doctors could recommend gastric sleeve surgery as a solution. In this blog, we will examine how this procedure helps a person overcome this sleeping disorder. 

What is gastric sleeve surgery?

It is a type of bariatric surgery and is used to remove part of a person’s stomach. The remaining portions are joined together to make a much smaller stomach roughly a quarter to a tenth of the original one’s size. It results in a significant amount of weight loss as a person will be unable to consume as much food as they used to because they will feel full quicker. The removed stomach area is also responsible for producing a hormone that fuels appetite, so an individual will not feel inclined to eat much. 

The procedure is not highly invasive and can be done using a laparoscope in an aesthetics clinic. The incisions made are small; therefore, there will be minimal scarring. It is estimated that a person can lose up to 50% of their excess weight within two years of the surgery. 

What is sleep apnea?

It is a condition where a person’s breathing is disrupted while they sleep. It could either become slight or stop entirely before resuming normally. While the pause typically could last for ten seconds, it could be much longer and cause severe damage to the brain in some cases. Symptoms of sleep apnea include sore throat, irritability, fatigue, and anxiety. 

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the most common type of the disorder, is caused by a blockage in a person’s airway. It happens when the soft tissue located at the back of the mouth collapses while a person sleeps. When this occurs, positive air pressure gets blocked, and an individual stops breathing. This variant is the one linked to obesity. 

How does the surgery help a person with sleep apnea problems?

A person could take specific steps to reduce the chance of the condition occurring while they sleep. Sleeping on the side instead of the back can help reduce pressure in the air passage and keep it expanded. One can also use medical devices such as the CPAP machine to help with the airflow. 

However, this only helps treat the condition, but it will not cure it. If a person is obese, the only way to fix the illness and stop its symptoms is to lose weight. However, this can take a long time, and given the high risk of sleep apnea, doctors would recommend gastric sleeve surgery first.

Research has proven that gastric sleeve surgeries are highly effective in curing sleep apnea. It has caused remission of the condition in up to 80% to 85% of patients. It is because the procedure aids weight loss very well and can bring results quickly. The results are also sustaining, ensuring a person does not have a resurgence of the condition.

If you or your loved one are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. In that case, gastric sleeve surgery can be a solution with long-term benefits for your health. For more information on the procedure, contact Medicci Aesthetics clinic.

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