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For many trans women across the world, facial feminization surgery is a life-changing experience that is an integral part of their transformation journey. A person’s face is what essentially gives the first impression regarding their identity and personality to others. And this is crucial for a transgender person, as their identity is more than just a mere word but something they have fought for their whole life. While not everyone would wish to do a surgical procedure for their face, many opt for it because it can help them transition more smoothly and become more self-confident.

However, as with any surgery, a good surgeon is crucial for the best results. If there is an issue, corrective procedures can be expensive, and it is impossible to go back and start afresh. Therefore, one should check the following and make sure they are satisfied before taking on this transformation. 

Carry out research

It seems so basic and obvious; however, many still fail to do it properly. Carrying out research does not mean using a search engine for thirty minutes. Online information is valuable and essential, but one should do more than check the surface; they should dive in deep. 

They should find out which surgeons offer the service and read clients’ testimonials to determine if they performed the procedure correctly and how they did it. While ratings are a good way to assess their professionalism, some use underhanded techniques to inflate them in modern times. So a doctor can have a 5-star rating online but still offer a poor or even dangerous service. 

Therefore, it is essential not to book an appointment solely based on online information. Instead, one should also ask others who have undergone this procedure about their experience and recommended surgeons. Doing this could help a person get a more accurate representation of the medical professional and their service. 

Bring a companion along when meeting the surgeon for the first time

When one meets a facial feminization surgeon for the first time, it can be an anxious experience. Even if they have already conducted sufficient research and know what they want, they can still feel nervous because this procedure will change their life. Therefore, it is common to feel emotional during the appointment. However, this could hinder one from objectively observing what happens.

They may not be able to pay attention to crucial information or a surgeon’s behaviour. Even if they do, it might seem like a blur, so they may find it difficult to recall certain things. A companion can take notes and observe what’s happening from a more objective point of view. Therefore, a person can more accurately piece together what happened in the appointment and the information they gained when they are in a calmer state. They will assess if the surgeon was transparent and clear about the process and has a good approach to the surgery.

Request for before and after photos

The best way to assess a surgeon’s work is to look at before and after photos of previous clients. A good surgeon will have this prominently displayed on their website or office. If this isn’t possible, they will provide a person with the images in their office. Suppose they are unwilling to share pictures of their clients. In that case, it is a warning sign, and it is better to choose another professional. 

Also, it is crucial to examine the photographs instead of just glancing at them. The images should look realistic, and there should not be any photoshop or makeup involved to improve the appearance. 

The above can help a person choose an excellent surgeon who will enhance their features and make them more feminine but give them an appearance they will love and feel comfortable with. Therefore, if you wish to carry out this procedure and learn more about it, contact our aesthetics clinic

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