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One of the cosmetic procedures that are highly popular in Turkey is the Brazilian butt lift. People fly from across the continent to have their surgery carried out here because the procedure is both affordable and of high quality. While an excellent board-certified surgeon can yield good results, an individual will need to take care of themselves before and after the surgery for a procedure to be completely successful. In this blog, we will take a look at what they should do.

Surgeries of any kind can take a severe toll on a person’s body because it is invasive and interferes with its normal operations. Therefore, to make a proper recovery and avoid any complications, a person should consider the following. 

Make sure to find a good surgeon

First and foremost, a surgeon should be experienced in the procedure and give a person the results they expect. So an individual should check testimonials, referrals and ensure that they are board-certified before proceeding with a specialist.

It is also essential to observe how the surgeon behaves upon consultation. They should listen to their patient’s ideas and concerns and make their vision a reality. However, this does not mean they should go along with everything that their client says. If a person has unrealistic ideas or is not medically fit to have the surgery, the medical professional should intervene. 

Reduce stress as much as possible

Chronic stress is not suitable for anyone. It can cause severe effects on a person’s health and compromise their immune system. High amounts of cortisol, the stress hormone, can impede a body’s ability to recover from surgery. Studies have observed that it reduces cytokine production that fights against inflammation, so surgical wounds would stay inflamed and take a long time to heal. 

Therefore, a person should do meditation, yoga and learn about relaxation techniques. It will help them be more relaxed during the recovery process and avoid producing too much cortisol.

Switch to a healthy lifestyle

For a successful surgery and recovery, a person’s body should be in optimum health. Therefore, one should cut down on any negative habits and adopt a healthy balanced diet. They also need to consume plenty of water and exercise regularly. Doing this will help boost one’s immunity system and heal well after the Brazilian butt lift surgery.

Do errands ahead of time and have someone to provide assistance 

during the recovery period

A person’s butt is centrally located, and any action can cause it to move. One should be on bed rest for a successful recovery and have minimal movement for at least two weeks after the procedure. Therefore, any chores or errands need to be completed ahead of the surgery. It is also wise to have someone who can provide them with assistance and take care of them during this period. 

Speak to a doctor regarding medications

Some medications can interfere with the surgery and a person’s successful recovery. Blood-thinning medicines are especially harmful as they could lead to excessive bleeding and blood loss. Therefore, one needs to consult with their doctor regarding the suitability of consuming certain medicines and find alternatives before the surgery. 

They also need to stock up on medication for any diseases and their post-operative care before the surgery because they will be unable to go to pharmacies until they can recover to an extent. 

Wear loose clothing

It applies to before and after the surgery. The procedure causes swelling in the bottom region so loose, and comfortable clothing will be more comfortable and less painful to wear. 

If one follows the above, they will be able to have a successful surgery and recover splendidly. If one has any doubts or seeks advice, please contact our aesthetic clinic for more information. 

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