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Facial contouring has become a well-renowned procedure that has helped many people worldwide to achieve the facial features they desire. It can modify the shape of a person’s nose, chin, ears, and bone structure to improve their appearance. It can be accomplished through surgical or non-surgical treatments carried out at an experienced aesthetics clinic. While it can be performed on both males and females, the components of the procedure can differ based on the results one seeks. Therefore, we will examine some of the primary factors that help shape the face and make it more feminine in appearance. 

Prior to that, let’s take a look at what precisely this procedure is.

What is facial contouring?

While it focuses on re-shaping aspects of the face, a person needs to understand that it is a broad term that includes facial reconfiguration methods: facial feminization, lip augmentation, and rhinoplasty.

What are the primary factors that ensure this procedure helps enhance feminine features?

Many studies have shown that certain aspects of a face are considered more feminine, and they have been regarded across centuries. Thus, contouring the face and helping one attain these characteristics will give them a classical, feminine appearance.  

Lip Augmentation

Full pouty lips have always been mentioned in literature and media with reverence and admiration. It has been the case for decades. Studies suggest this could be due to them giving a youthful appearance that evokes a sense of protection and care in others. Regardless of the reason, many find the feature to be feminine and highly attractive. Therefore, lip augmentation has become a popular procedure, especially in recent years, as it has become more accepted by the public. It involves injecting the lip with a soft filler that will give it a plump appearance. The treatment does not hurt and can be completed in under two hours.


It is not as expensive as some other contouring procedures and is very common. Noses that are narrow with an upwards pointing nasal tip are considered to be feminine. Therefore, most people who undergo the process tend to opt for this shape if their goal is to look more feminine. 

Suppose the surgery is part of facial feminization for transgender people. In that case, as male noses tend to be larger and more angular, the nasal bridge needs to become narrower, and the nostrils need to be less flared. The tip will also be raised and rounded to give it a softer and youthful look. If individuals do not want to do surgery, they can use fillers to achieve a similar appearance. 

Chin reduction and recontouring

The chin is a prominent aspect of the face and can drastically change a person’s appearance. Rounded, softer, and smoother chins tend to be considered more feminine in appearance than wide and angular ones. In certain cultures, rounded chins with a pointed jawline have gained popularity. 

Surgeons can use either a chin reduction or recontouring procedure to shape the chin according to a person’s wish. Implants can also be used to give the face a good balance. 

The above are some of the primary factors that help one achieve a feminine appearance. However, others are also effective and can be carried out. These include jaw slimming procedures, inner corner eyelid surgery, and cheek contouring. For the best results, one should speak to their aesthetic surgeon and determine which treatments they should choose. 

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