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Facial feminization surgery is an integral part of a person’s transition process from male to female. It allows their facial features to be more feminine, giving them the confidence to be who they are in public and blend in without worry. Most transgender women choose to do this procedure because it makes the transition process much easier and boosts their self-esteem. Therefore, we shall look at a few tips to help one achieve excellent results from the treatment. 

Always try to enhance the natural features of the face

Every person has unique facial features. While the surgery can shape them to look more feminine, the changes should not be overly dramatic as they can make their face look unbalanced or out of place. 

People should keep the general essence of how they look by enhancing their features to make them more feminine and soft but not completely alter them. By doing this, they will be able to look natural and retain their individuality. 

Ensure that all the facial features are balanced

Facial feminization is not one surgery. It encompasses many procedures, including chin shaping, rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation, tracheal shave, and brow lift. Therefore, a person should ensure that their features are balanced and harmonious. Doing this will ensure that their face is feminine in appearance, attractive, and well proportioned. 

Make sure the surgeon’s previous work is similar to what one wants

A significant mistake people tend to make is choosing a facial feminization surgeon without checking their previous work. Before and after pictures of their former clients are essential to indicate a surgeon’s proficiency and whether they can give a person the results they expect.

Some might prefer to use specific techniques to elicit effects that might not be what a person pictures for their own. Therefore, before choosing a surgeon, make sure to consult a few different ones and examine their work.

Research to know how the recovery is going to be

One cannot expect to be perfectly fine after the procedure ends. The face needs to heal, and the process can be quite challenging to undergo. Researching what the recovery period entails is crucial, as it will allow a person to know what to expect. They will be less anxious about the process and will be able to monitor their progress. Therefore, if there are any complications or abnormalities, it will be possible for the individual to notice them and seek medical help without delay. 

Take sufficient rest and monitor physical activity

Surgery can be stressful for the body; therefore, a person should rest and focus on healing properly. Soon after the procedure, for a few days, a patient needs to walk briefly with the help of a support person if needed. It will help reduce blood clot formation. When it is possible, they should take short walks for five to ten minutes and resume light activity after two weeks. However, they should for nearly a month before engaging in any heavy exercise or movement.

The above tips can ensure that one can achieve the best results from the procedure. If you are interested in the surgery, make sure to consult a renowned aesthetics clinic

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