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If a prevalent beauty phenomenon is easy to observe globally, it is full pouty lips. Across centuries lips have played an enormous role in facial attractiveness. The ancient Sumerians invented lipstick over 5,000 years ago. Ever since then, beautifying the lips has become a standard part of most cultures. The reason why making them look plump has become so prevalent now can be attributed to many factors. However, achieving it for a significant amount of time comes down to mainly just one solution: lips augmentation. Therefore, we will look at this treatment, why it is used, and its benefits. 

What is lip augmentation?

It is a cosmetic treatment that makes your lips plump and full. Aesthetics clinics typically use an injectable dermal filler which administers the fluid into the lips and around the mouth to give it volume. Various kinds of fillers are available today; however, the most common one is hyaluronic acid. It is naturally produced in the body and has a high safety profile. 

Other variants include calcium hydroxylapatite, polyalkylimide, polylactic acid, and polymethyl-methacrylate microspheres. Collagen used to be popular because it was long-lasting; however, there was a risk that it causes allergic reactions in some patients. Therefore, surgeons prefer to use other fillers to ensure that your safety will not be compromised during or after lip augmentation.

Another type of lip treatment is implants. Unlike injections, these are more permanent and usually involve silicone implants placed within the lips through small incisions. There is a longer recovery time as bruising and swelling can occur. You also need to be very careful for a few days afterward to ensure that it doesn’t move. However, they can last for decades. 

Why use lip augmentation?

Fuller lips are considered a sign of youth, vitality, and confidence. Many theories circulate why it is so sought-after, and there is no doubt that sensuality plays a key role. However, overwhelmingly theorists believe that they are so popular because they make you look healthy, young, and strikingly feminine. 

Lips are at their plumpest during teenage years, after which they start to lose collagen and become thinner. Fertility is also at its peak before the age of 30, with physical strength and energy peaking at 25. Therefore, when you have fuller-looking lips, it gives the impression that you are young, healthy, and energetic. 

While the beauty industry does have makeup products catered to creating the illusion of fuller lips, from lip-plumping masks and serums to glosses and lipsticks, these are temporary solutions. For a more long-lasting effect that gives volume without any products, lip augmentation procedures are more appropriate. 

It needs to be noted that as this procedure is for aesthetic reasons, it will typically not be covered by insurance. However, depending on which type of lip augmentation you choose, the price can differ. Fillers especially are more budget-friendly than implants. Therefore, you can still achieve the plump lips you are after with ease.

When you want to undergo a lip augmentation procedure, the most important thing you should do is choose a board-certified and experienced surgeon. Also, make sure that the aesthetics clinic they operate in adheres to safety standards and is well equipped. They will be able to give you the best results and make you look young and feel confident. 

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