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Brazilian butt aesthetics refers to the surgical operation performed to make the butt shape appear upright and full. Having an upright, plump, and proportionate butt shape is really challenging. If this butt type runs in your family genetically, you might be in luck. However, gaining this butt shape through prolonged dieting and strenuous activity is exceedingly challenging. In Brazilian butt aesthetics, several procedures are used to enlarge and round out the female hips. Women increasingly desire a smaller waist and wider, rounder butts due to the shifting standards of what constitutes a beautiful body in today’s society. Especially since women in İstanbul are in a holiday city, they want to have Brazilian butt lift surgery to make their physique look more beautiful. Particularly, the impact of social networking areas reinforces people’s opinions of their bodies and heightens their achieve for perfection. Not to be overlooked is the need of enhancing the butt without slimming the waist while taking into account the patient’s entire body.

How is the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) done in Istanbul?

Brazilian buff lift (BBL) facilities in Istanbul may perform the procedure using fat injection or implant. Additionally, those who have volume depletion can employ natural prosthetics. The approach to be used in Brazilian buff lift (BBL) aesthetics is decided upon after a thorough pre-op evaluation by our aesthetic specialists. The patient’s request and potential dangers are taken into account while choosing the procedure to use during the operation. In the implant method applied in the Brazilian buff lift (BBL) surgery in Istanbul, an incision of approximately two inches is made on the hip. Our doctor provides access to the gluteal muscle to insert the implant. The operation is completed by placing the implant under or inside the gluteal muscle. Since the intramuscular use of the implants is preferred, a possible slippage is prevented by surrounding them with tissue. The implant, which is invisible from the outside, is also resistant to heavy loads. For this reason, it is not necessary to sleep on your stomach for weeks after the operation, and sitting for a long time does not harm the new shape of the hip. Fat injection is another technique utilized in Brazilian buff lift (BBL) surgery in Istanbul. The patient’s abdomen or thighs are used to remove fat with this technique. The buttocks receive these fats that were removed during liposuction. In this approach, the body adopts a lovely shape with slimming and hip aesthetics while the fat in the abdomen and thighs is decreased.Brazilian buff lift (BBL) surgeries need to be done cautiously and methodically regardless of the technique.

What are the Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift in Istanbul?

  • Prosthetics, fat grafts, dermo-fat flaps, or resection of the skin and fat as shown in the image with a scar just at the lower gluteal fold level can all be used to do butt lifts. Having full hips is the benefit that is most noticeable.


  • The butt groove will be marked throughout the procedure, and extra skin and fat will be removed from that region. It can be carried out on its own or in conjunction with liposculpture, the excision of the inner thigh, or the implantation of a prosthesis in the aforementioned area.


  • You must have a silicone prosthetic implant and buttock augmentation surgery if you want to add extra volume. Depending on its size, it can be done under local or epidural anesthetic. To get admitted to the clinic, you must wait 24 hours, and you have to wear a soft, elastic compression garment for 15 days.


  • There are two main ways to expand the butt. A secret incision can be made on one side between the two hips, under the gluteus maximus muscle, on top of, or above the gluteus, and silicone prostheses can be used to enlarge it. The procedure can be performed while under general or epidural anesthesia, and a hospital stay of at least one night is typically necessary. Depending on the patient’s shape and gender, round or anatomical prostheses might be utilized to provide the most natural effect.

How Long Does it Take to Grow Brazilian Butt Lİft in Istanbul?

It’s been around for a very long time. Hip prosthesis, in contrast to breast implants, have a significantly higher degree of silicone gel adhesiveness, but they also need to be regularly checked to ensure their integrity. On the other side, we also have the option of doing augmentation using adipose tissue grafts. The patient’s silhouette will profit most from the fat being extracted from these areas, which will then be prepared and injected into the areas where the outlines change the greatest, or the skin abnormalities will be modeled. It is clear that this treatment benefits the entire body’s shape, not just the butt, and that there is no need for long-term revisions because there is no synthetic material involved.

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