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The Journey In Detail


Consulting Services

We provide our patients with the proper consultation from the beginning to the end of the process by ensuring they get the most convenient results. As Medicci, we take care of even the littlest problem of our all patients closely, preventing them from feeling alone.


Airport Welcome and Transfer

We ensure our clients are picked up from the airport using reputable VIP transfer companies to allow a safe, stress-less experience during their


Hospital Transfer Process.

We book our patients’ hotels in advance so they can move quickly to their accommodation as soon as they enter the country. Thus, focusing on the treatment will be easier for our patients.


Treatment and Post-Treatment Care

Our clinic will provide a comprehensive treatment process that begins with an online consultation. It’s our way to make the clients feel more at ease with their surgeons. Through this step, clients will be able to know their doctor better, communicate their concerns, and ask questions before their treatment. The surgeons will also be able to gain necessary details about the client’s specific case, make informed suggestions, and share information about each procedure.

If the client decides to proceed with their desired treatment, they can schedule an in-person consultation with the doctors for a more comprehensive examination.

Be Our Guest!

Medicci offers consultation services to resolve any concerns you may have because our clients are our top priority. We are dedicated to ensuring a worry-free experience. Come, be our guest and find out how to achieve your beauty potential!

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